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OER: Open Educational Resources

Adoption and Development of OER

The open use of high-quality educational resources means that educators do not have to reinvent the wheel every time a course is developed.

Find: An important first step in adopting an OER is finding content that matches your teaching and learning goals.

Evaluate: Take time to evaluate the potential OER for your course or learning goals thoroughly.

Adapt: Customize content for local and individual courses and learning outcomes.

Create: In some cases, you may be the one to develop content specific to your needs.

OER Licensing and Use

The intention of OER is that they are free and open resources and licensed in a way that encourages reuse, customization, and distribution.

Creative Commons Licensing

Creative Commons (CC) licenses allow the creator of a work to select how a work is protected while still promoting revision, remixing, and redistribution.

Understanding Copyright and Permissions for OER 

This article discusses the common practices for obtaining permissions, recognizing copyright, and understanding different types of OER licenses.