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Library Teaching and Learning Toolkit

First-Year Experience and the SRSU Library

We believe an important learning outcome for Freshman Seminar courses is "Outcome 1. Students acknowledge familiarity with library resources and services." (You can see other Library Learning Outcomes here.) 

What we can do for faculty teaching FYS and other 1101 courses:

In the past we have had success with an orientation to the Library in the form of an Escape Room game, and we have brought it back starting in Fall of 2022. In this session, students are broken into groups and must solve clues relevant to library spaces, services, and resources to open a box locked with a variety of padlocks. Inside the box? Candy of course – and library bookmarks and pencils.

Additionally, we like to provide a tour of all three floors of the Library to any freshmen visiting the library in a class, which sometimes means students get a few tours.

A tour and the Escape Room covers a 50-minute session but can be expanded.

Can’t fit it in, or teaching virtually? We have tons of useful info on our website, including a Virtual Tour from our website which can function an assessment. Additionally, there is a pretty robust 6-module Info Lit mini course complete with quizzes available in Blackboard. It needs maintenance as of Fall 2022 so if that sounds interesting to you, please get in touch by emailing