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Guide to Reference (Background) Resources

A Note on Wikipedia

Be careful with Wikipedia. Listen to your professors when they ask you not to use it as a source. We agree! Wikipedia should very, very rarely be referenced as a source in academic research. Like, to reference Wikipedia in academic research you should probably be writing about Wikipedia. Get it?

What is Wikipedia?

Wikipedia is built and maintained by its user base in real time. Because of this, we can not always be confident about what is found within its entries (Thanks to BuzzFeed for helping to explain. And again.). Many of Wikipedia's user-editors are all business (and you can be, too!), but there are plenty of instances (see BuzzFeed) that remind us of its ability to be low quality.

So use Wikipedia like you'd use anything else on the free internet: Take it with a grain of salt and mine it for useful, evaluative information, including names, dates and keywords.