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Conversation Series

Getting Started

SRSU Library and Archives staff have selected topics of interest for a Spring Conversation Series to engage the SRSU Community in matters related to "capital L, capital A" Libraries and Archives as well as our specific Bryan Wildenthal Memorial Library, Archives of the Big Bend, and the digital worlds each inhabit.

We will hold virtual conversations on predetermined dates and see where the conversation flows naturally. We consider these conversations as guided learning groups, and we wish to learn from the participants as much as we hope to spark interest and awareness among our communities.

We welcome students, faculty, and staff to join these conversations. Participants should feel free to join "cold" or come prepared with questions. Prerequisite resources are offered for exploration but are not required to benefit from showing up.

The first series of conversations take place in Microsoft Teams on select Wednesdays from 2:30 - 3:30 PM between February and May 2023.

RSVPs are encouraged but not required.

 Upcoming Topics and Dates:

  • Wednesday, February 22: SRSU Library’s QuickSearch: What Is It and Why Use It?
  • Wednesday, March 8: Library Resources in Blackboard – LTI and Best Practices
  • Wednesday, March 29: Toward a Common Language: Designing Research Assignments That Translate Across Disciplines
  • Wednesday, April 19: What Does the Future of Libraries and Archives Look Like?
  • Wednesday, May 3: What Are Institutional Repositories and Does SRSU Have One?



Use the lefthand menu to navigate between the discussion topics. On each topic page you will find:

  • date of discussion (details for Microsoft Teams meetings are sent via email only)
  • detailed introduction to the topic
  • background reading or viewing
  • key terms defined
  • potential learning outcomes expected from the conversation

At each meeting, we will establish norms for learning, including:

  • Brief introductions of those participating;
  • Offering an overview of guidelines to keep the conversations on track (respecting the allocated time, being present and polite, and having fun);
  • Use of a "Parking Lot" to keep track of runaway topics or unanswered questions; and
  • Identifying opportunities for reflection to consider how these topics might apply in the everyday life and work of those participating.